Key 2 Debt Freedom (PTY) Ltd.    



Who qualifies for Debt Counselling?

Any South African individual that receives an income.

I am in a relationship. Must my partner register aswell?

Can you cover all my debts?

Is Debt Review what I need?

Can I apply for more credit or use my credit cards during the Debt Review and debt plan?

T he NCR supports and endorses the negotiation process between registered and accredited Debt Counsellors and financial Institutions. When making use of a Debt Counselor, the creditors have to enter into the negotiation process and consider alternative payment plans.

Not necessarily. If a summons has been issued, that account will be excluded from the process. It is therefore important to not wait too long to be registered and protected .

No, we will ask you to destroy all your cards and return them to the credit providers. If you do take out credit during the plan then there will be serious repercussions. Remember, the objective is to become financially free!! Making more debt will not help.

If you are married in Community of Property (COP), you and your spouse must register. If you are married with an Ant Nuptial Contract (ANC), only one partner can register, although it is not advisable as household expenses are shared and you will be able pay off your debt quicker if both parties partake.
If you are in a relationship but not married, it is similar to being married ANC - you can register only one partner, but it is not advised.

If your income does not cover living expenses and Debt repayments, Debt Review is an excellent step in the right direction. You will have the opportunity to pay your debt at a pace that you can afford AND not lose your possessions whilst recovering from your current financial situation.


* Are struggling to pay your debt on time.
* Do not have sufficient funds to pay debt after essential living expenses.
*Are most likely unable to pay future debt should you acuire further debt.
* In short, If you are struggling to meet your monthly repayments and face possible legal action, Debt Counselling could offer you the financial solution you need.

Why use a Debt Counselor?


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