Letter of Appreciation to Jessica
I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Key 2 Debt Freedom for the freedom they have given me.  After all my debts I was left with pennies to take care of myself & family, being forced to be in debt by situations is not pap & vleis, but my nightmare was ended when I heard of Key 2 Debt Freedom.
I learnt that Key 2 Debt Freedom can ease my burden by reducing the payments on all my debts allowing me few more cents in my pocket.  I am very grateful for their help and I can recommend them to my fellow brothers & Sisters who are in the same corner with debts as I were.  Thanks for the team for making it easy & simply to be helped.
Yours sincerely
Mr MN Khubayi
Re: Letter of Appreciation
I would like to express my appreciation for your efficient services.  At first I was reluctant to join you because of the myths out there that on told about Debt Review/Counselling, but because of my situation of sleepless nights with debts and telephone calls from my Debtors, I decided to join you.
I never told my family members about it until recently.  I thought it was going to take forever to even finish with you and I also thought I would be blacklisted for the res of my life, but to my surprise it only took four years, July 2011 - July 2015.
I have no intentions of going back to sleepless nights again, because of my experiences.
I'm proud to tell you that I'm now a owner of NEW RENAULT DUSTER DYNAMIC somtithing that I never dreamed of.
You even refunded the monies I overpaid to you back to my back account.
I will definitely recommend your ream to anyone in the same situation as I was.
Thank you very much once more
Yours sincerely
BVN Myoli
I would like to thank you team, from the guys whom I started working with Kobie, Thabo, Susan and Belinda who played a role in my financial situation.  It was not easy at all form me to be under debt review since 2011, but it was worth it.  When I started there it was not east Kobie, I remember you were able to help me while my husband refused to be under debt review, but you wee able to make it possible form  me to be assisted.  I believe you will be able to grow and help more people who are in the same situation I had.  I started witho you while you were sill not settled buy you carried me through until you settled and you never gave up on me.  There are other creditors who wre difficult buy you battled for me and you overcame all the obstacles on the way.  You were like a guardian angel at my side who assiste me in times of fear and pain.
Kind Regards
Thobi Matsaneng
Good morning Jessica
Thank you for  your mail and my clearance certificate.  Thank you for the way my account wash handled, and the ease withh which I could get information regarding this account, when I needed it.
I would recommend more aggression towards clients debtors, Vodacom's interest was very high.
Thank you again 
Kind Regards
Mr Stephenson
Dear Key 2 Debt Freedom
I Koloane Johannes Koloane would like to inform you that I am very happy with your service.  I enjoyed having extra money every month.  I will recommend your service to other people.
Thank you very much.
KJ Koloane
Good Day
Just got the call to say that I am finally DEBT FREE.   After a few years of being under debt counselling (review), It was HARD, but it taught me a lot..
I would just like to thank you Jessica, and team for your patience with me and for alwyas getting back to me and answering all my questions. And I had A LOT of them, lol.
Its such a relief that the wait is fianlly over.
I have recommended your services to a few people that I thought might need your help. As to them taking my advice.  I still don't know., but I have never once regretted making use of your services.
Thank you sooo much for everything
AC U Stallenberg
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